The Tips for Impressive Packaging and Labels

Packaging and labeling have a crucial role in selling the products in the market. An impressive and stylish packaging depending on the product category is also displaying its brand value. While many believe that packaging and labeling is a daunting task, a few tips can help you to pack your products, impressively.

Effective use of Origami Styles

The folded, origami-style designs can make your packaging a work of art. While many people think it is not suitable for most products, it can give unique packaging experience for many products. You can try for your own origami style using various packaging supplies if you are creative enough.

Simplified Packaging with Easy-to-produce Labels

It is a fantastic idea to use simple and easy-to-produce labels to the packaging. It can help you to contain everything within a tight budget. Simple labels and stickers are easy to resize and edit to make it suitable for various products.

Take advantage of the Power of Typography

Typography is one of the most crucial aspects of graphic design and gives your product a refreshing look. Your packages should have eye-catchy typography to highlight the brand and product. You can test with your creativity and make a few type styles to show it to your friends and family. Consider their general perception of the designs and use the best appealing one out of it.

Natural Color Palette

Bold, brash colors or designs are no longer a trend in the recent days. Nature-inspired and tonal colors are giving an impressive look with an appeal of eco- and ethic-conscious. You can also use shades of bright colors for providing a wash effect to packages.

Adding Photography

Adding photography has not really become a trend, but you can try using black-and-white, striking photography with colorful typography. Try following the styles followed by cosmetic products – the minimal template choice.

Going Artistic

Collaborating with an artist to make the package design fabulous is an excellent idea, especially if the products are cosmetics, wine bottles, clothing, and more. It can give a unique and special feel to the products and offer a new look for them. You can try your styles with painterly finishes, hand-drawn illustrations, and unusual type styles to make them stand out from various products.

Adding a Masculine Style to the Packaging

While there is a strong emotion for the unisex market, you can also add a unisex or masculine touch to your designs. Designs with strong black and white can communicate the masculine vibe. You can also add square sans-serif type to make the design stronger.

Feminine Touch as well with Pattern

Remember that adding a feminine design is not just meant for women, but it can also be of a broad market appeal. A patterned design is an excellent choice, and it can be of wallpaper-style of mid-century, William Morris-inspired pattern, or more. It can also create a uniform style, and with a simple color change, it can create new styles without the design change.

Comprehensive Package Experience

Apart from just the box, you should also focus on internal wrapping inside the box, labels, and sub-containers. The interior of the box should also give a style statement, and a brand sticker is a wonderful choice for displaying it. Remember, how tea bags are designed inside the packet, and you can follow a similar pattern to give a whole packaging experience.

Converting the Package into a Walking Ad

Converting your packages into a walking ad is a great idea of advertisement without the costs of an actual ad. Creating shopping bags with stylish, eye-catchy brand label has the power to donate new customers into the business. If your budget can hold such a packaging strategy, just go for that as an effective way of branding.


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